Fabric Warehouse Open House

Fabric Warehouse Open House

The Fabric Marketplace is a warehouse open house. 

With over 1000 fabrics to choose from, you get first dibs on fabrics that have yet to be uploaded online to our web store. We house a variety of fabric from printed patterns to satin or silk. You can get them by the yard or roll on the spot or get it delivered when you order online.

Due to covid-19 restrictions, we are only allowing 2 pax to visit each time. Mask has to be worn at all times. Time slots are limited as the session is a sneak peek for the lucky few who manage to grab one. Each slot is capped at 60 minutes.

When you follow & tag us on our Instagram during your visit, you'll get $4 off your fabric hauls (with a minimum spend of $$20).

Don't miss this! Book a slot for  HERE.

See you at our fabric warehouse soon.


1 Commonwealth Lane #06-24, One Commonwealth Building S149544

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