At TFMP, sustainability is a very important aspect of our business. We do our best to keep our community and customers informed about the sources of our fabrics and to provide high quality fabrics so that high quality products can be made. 


Our Fabrics: 

Most of our own inhouse fabrics are either new or upcycled stock fabric kept in pristine conditions in our own warehouse. These fabrics are obtained from our supply chain, directly from fabric stock-houses and from our other businesses.


Our Packaging: 

We are currently using our unused polymailer bags that belongs to our other businesses, making sure we finish using them all before switching over to a more sustainable option. While we could have opt to start with more sustainable options, we believe that reusing & leveraging on what we have right now is a better and more sustainable option. 

Our aim → to keep the amount of resources used for packaging to the minimum

Our Partners: