Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

The recent Netflix runway hit Squid Game is all the rage as Halloween approaches. This heart-pounding, mindblowing series has taken the world by storm, and it is one of the main inspirations for Halloween costumes this year.

Despite Halloween being just a few days away, some of us may still be struggling to assemble our costumes. Not to worry, in this article we will be discussing spme of the main iconic characters from Squid Game, as well as how to assemble the pieces together easily.


1. Red Light, Green Light Doll for Halloween

Red Light Green Light Doll

The seemingly sweet-looking robot doll whose melody strikes anxiety and fear in the heart of the players. Even for those who have not watched the series, you'll easily recognize this doll from all the short snippets people have been circulating for this scene.

With a plain yellow blouse and an orange sleeveless dress, this outfit if pretty simple to assemble. You can easiily purchase the set online. However, if you are up for the challenge, it is not a difficult task to recreate the Red Light, Green Light Dolls outfit. And the good news is that The Fabric Marketplace do offer fabrics which are great for creating this costume.

The yellow blouse can be created using our "Cotton Satin - Lemon". Cotton satin is lightweight, breatheable, and has a subtle shine for it's appearance. This would be perfect for you to last your halloween spree sweat-free.

For her orange sleevless dress, we would suggest the following fabric:


Cotton Satin - Lemon     Polyester Twill - Saffron     Cotton Poplin - Cheddar


For the final touches, simply tie your hair into two ponytails, get some a pair of white knee-high socks and slip into a pair of black mary janes. 


2. Players of Squid Game

Squid Game Players

The victims, or should I say, the ones who made their own maker. Undoubtedly, everyone who watched the series has a character they felt strongly towards. These poor souls were put throught a series of trials with the reward of a huge sum of money, as well as keeping their own lives.

The players essentially wears a white T-shirt underneath green track suits, each with their own three-digit white player number which can be seen on their shirts as well as on the patch on their jacket. 

If it's too late to purchase this in stores (not forgetting shipment time), try recreating the look with our "French Terry - Moss". French Terry is a knitted fabric which has a stretch. It is midweight and can help to hold the shape of the garment which is one of the best fabrics to make the tracksuit. As for the white trimmings, you can either get some pre-made bias tapes in stores, or you can use our "Dri Fit - Cool White" fabric to create the strips.

 French Terry - Moss     Dri Fit - Cool White

As for accessories, you can easily get your favorite character's number patches off Carousell, or just do a quick simple DIY using some spare white fabrics and sew them on. Put on some plain white sneakers and you're good to start the games.


3. Squid Game Red Guards

Red Guards

These red-clad guards looks cool with their Red hooded jumpsuits and their black masks with the symbols of a circle, square and a triangle. Although they are not so well loved by the characters, these Red Guards' outfits are definitely one of the hottest Halloween costume this year!

Unfortunately, we do not have the right fabric to create this look. However, you can easily purchase them online now at Shoppee or Lazada due to it's high demands. Other accessories such as the gloves, black belt as well as black boots can be purchased off the rack easily too.

To DIY the mask isn't as tough as you think it is. First, get a black head mask as well as a cardboard. You can cut the shape you'd like to be applied on the mask on the cardboard. Then, either use a fabric spray or fabric paint to create the symbol!


We hope that this article can help piece some last minute Halloween costume. Do show us what you've created for this spooky season and tag us on Instagram as we would love to see your outfits! 


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Till next time!

Stay safe and happy sewing.

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