Terms & Conditions

Modification of Orders

If you realize that you have made an error after placing an order and need to make changes, please send us an email immediately, including your order number as reference. We will make every effort to accommodate your request and ensure your satisfaction.


Stock Orders

The estimated ship-out date is provided as an estimate only. We cannot control any delays caused by logistics during the shipment. If you require urgent delivery, please inform us, and we can expedite the shipment for an additional fee.

We are unable to guarantee that the seller will cut and ship the exact yardage as ordered. Therefore, we advise ordering additional yardage for small orders as a precautionary measure.


Out of Stock

Stock levels are subject to fluctuations, and availability cannot be guaranteed at the time of your order.

In the event of stock shortages, the supplier may reproduce a new batch. However, there are instances where the order may need to be canceled.

If a delay occurs due to production, we will consult with you to obtain your confirmation before proceeding with the revised lead time.

If the supplier cancels your order, you have the option to request alternative products or a full refund.

In the rare event where a requested swatch is unavailable after an order has been placed, we will provide a complete refund for that specific item and proceed with shipping the remaining requested swatches.


If the supplier cancels your order, you have the opportunity to request alternative products as replacements.
The alternative options are restricted to other color variations of the same quality item as the product that was canceled.

Color Differences

Please note that the colors of the yardages may differ from the colors shown on your device screens as a result of variations in screen settings.

Color variations between print orders may occur due to batch-to-batch differences.

While we strive to accurately represent the items showcased on our website, it is important to note that the provided videos or photos may not entirely reflect the true color or characteristics of a specific item. Considering this potential variation, we highly recommend requesting a sample before making fabric purchases from our online store.

Color variations may occur between different orders of the same product due to batch-to-batch production differences. As a result, we are unable to guarantee an exact match for every order of the product.

Product Quality

There is a possibility of fabric products containing defects within the yardage. If such defects are consistently present throughout the fabric, it may be considered of lower quality but not critically damaged.

The responsibility for the quality of the product lies with the seller, not with The Fabric Marketplace. The Fabric Marketplace does not provide any assurance or guarantee regarding the quality of the product.

To ensure that the quality and pricing of the product align with your expectations, we highly recommend placing sample orders before making bulk orders. This allows you to assess the product firsthand and make an informed decision.