Our Story

Leftover Fabrics

2021 - 2022

Founded in 2021, the Fabric Marketplace is an innovative online platform dedicated to serving the fashion, sewing, and creative community. Building upon our initial inspiration from the surplus of well-preserved fabrics in our warehouse, sourced through our fashion and corporate wear business, we realized the immense potential in revitalizing these materials by engaging with the creative community.

Understanding that fabric shopping traditionally thrived through in-person experiences, we recognized the untapped potential of local fabric shops that possessed remarkable collections but lacked a digital presence. With this in mind, we embarked on a mission to digitize our local industry, aiming to provide an accessible and user-friendly online fabric platform that would revolutionize the fabric searching and shopping experience for our community.





As we entered the year 2023, our commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction led us to expand our offerings further. We understood the importance of catering to individual tastes and preferences, and thus decided to bring in a greater variety of fabrics from around the world. By onboarding suppliers globally, we sought to ensure that our platform would offer an extensive range of options, providing our customers with an exceptional shopping experience that accommodates their unique preferences.