TFMP Currated Fabric Collection

Curated Mood-Boards


The Terracotta collection offers a stunning, luxurious aesthetic inspired by the earthy tones. A curation of six different fabrics that each have their own unique combinations, tonalities with different palettes of browns, tans, reds, and cream. The perfect collection to fulfil projects that seeks for elegancy in the hues of nudes.


Orange Blossom

The Orange Blossom, with vibrant shades of orange, red, yellow and green inspired by autumn and its blooming season. This collection takes you along with 5 exciting fabrics that surely lights up your amazing creations. 


Pink Blush

Pink Blush collection, inspired by hues of Pink & Purple, bringing Spring to you with 6 beautiful fabric that each has its own uniqueness of prints, texture and eye dazzling colours giving a youthful and rejuvenating vibe to all projects of yours.


Simply Posh

The Simply Posh collection that speaks for its own. Chic, elegant and luxurious all in 6 amazing fabrics in distinctive prints and textures with powerful colour pairing of Black and Whites perfect for projects seeking to achieve the sumptuous aesthetic.


Summer Chill

This collection was inspired by the essence of summer. Curated with six fabrics, the Summer Chill collection radiates simplicity and eye-pleasing colours, prints and textures, making it a versatile collection perfect for a wide range of different project ideas.


80s Glam

The 80s Glam collection that definitely bring us to the era of bold colours and loud personality. Curation of 6 distinctive
fabrics in beautiful shades of purple and pop of green and denim that surely glam up your amazing wild creation