Terracotta curated fabric collection featuring brown and earth tone silk fabrics, poplin fabrics and satin fabrics

Earth Tone Fabric - Terracotta Collection

Terracotta Moodboard


Translated from Latin, means "baked earth”
Terracotta is widely used as exterior surfaces for buildings as well as for ceramics, bricks and roofing tiles. It was well used in East Asia for some centuries before becoming popular in the West in the 19th century. Apart from practical uses, people used it as decorative add-ons to sculptures 

Terracotta was one of the very first curated collection the team pieced together. We fell in love with the richness and warmth of the browns, as well as the rustic-ness it creates.

The color 'Brown' is often associated with the Earth and Neutrality. Apart from the usual Black and Whites, Brown fabrics serves as an amazing base color for your wardrobe. It pairs perfectly with other neutrals, as well as complimenting vibrant shades. It is a staple color for styling and definitely a must-have in your wardrobe.


Featuring in the Terracotta collection are:

  • Pearl Blush: A Midweight European Silk Twill Weave fabric. A lustre rich fabric with a unique silky hand-feel
  • Copper: A lightweight Duchess Satin Weave fabric. A fabric with a subtle texture and matte finish.
  • Rouge Nude: An European Lightweight Polyester Satin fabric. A fabric that is smooth, elegant and light with a silky soft hand feel.
  • Seal White: A lightweight Silk Satin Weave fabric with fun seal prints with a smooth and cool hand feel and gives an amazing drape
  • Gardenia: A lightweight Japanese Cotton Poplin Weave fabric in Gardenia prints. A breathable fabric which can also give good structure.
  • Burnt Ochre: A lightweight Cotton Polyester Poplin fabric. A gentle and breathable fabric that can give a good drape.


Here is a quick introduction to the various fabrics featured in this collection, as well as our top picks on what you can create with it.


Silk Twill


Silk fabric has long been associated with luxury and elegance. This fabric is a popular element of high-end fashion. In addition to its ability to make beautiful drapes and absorbent products, silk fabric has been very versatile in its ability to be used to create a wide range of luxurious products, and it can last if cared for properly.


Here are the popular items people create using Silk fabric:

  • Dresses and Skirts: Silk fabric creates a beautiful drape that makes clothing look flattering on the body. It is incredibly soft with a flattering sheen, giving it a high-end and luxurious appeal. Widely used for Gowns, Cocktail dresses and worn during formal events.
  • Scarves: Silk scarves are both decorative and warm -- a great combination. Frequently used for hair accessories and gifts for its strength and texture. The elegance of the colour nuances makes it ideal for accessories. 
  • Pillow CoversFor long-lasting comfort, it is highly durable and strong. In addition to its softness and absorbent nature, silk is the perfect material for the bedroom due to its luxurious appearance and opulent characteristics


Satin Inspiration board


There are many types of satin fabric, ranging from light weight to heavy weight, all with their own unique characteristics. In the past, Satin fabric was made exclusively from Silk. Today, Satin can be made from any long filament fibre, not just silk. It can be easily identified due to it's lustrous shine.


Here are the popular items people create using Satin fabric:

  • Fashion Apparels: Satin is very versatile when it comes to creating different types of clothes. From blouses to skirts, from office wear to evening gowns, this fabric covers it all. Because of its great drape, lustrous feel, and classy appearance, everyone loves to have it in their wardrobes.
  • FootwearDid you know that satin, in addition to being widely used for designer footwear, is also used to make ballet shoes? Their durability and sheen make them a top choice for shoe designers and can be long-lasting if one knows how to care for them well.
  • Handbag & Clutches: Many evening bags and clutches come in satin. A formal occasion is an ideal time to bring it out, as it exudes class.


Poplin Inspiration Board


Poplin is a lightweight, breathable fabric, ideal for our hot, humid climate. Because the fabric is tightly woven, it feels smooth to the touch. Poplin can be made of a variety of materials, such as silk, polyester blends, Lycra, and cotton blends

 Here are the popular items people create using Poplin fabric:

  • BlousesFeaturing a lightweight texture, poplin is perfect for hot, humid summer wear.
  • Summer Dresses: Because poplin drapes very lightly, it is very flowy and is very suitable for summer dresses. Perfect for a hot sunny day out at the beach.
  • Pajamas: The smooth, breathable nature of poplin makes it the perfect material for loungewear like pajamas. 


We hope that this quick post would spark some inspiration to your creativity. Do check out our other curated collections that has inspired us as well!

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